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Energy Governance, Law, Policy & Regulations


This course is part of the Executive Master of Management in Energy in cooperation with BI Norwegian Business School and IFP School.

Course content

  • Energy in political economy: a private, public and strategic good (with important negative externalities – pollution).
  • Public governance in the energy sector: actors and policy tools (law, regulation, finance, ownership), interest group politics, national oil companies, governance.
  • Energy and international political economy: economic rent, supply and demand, geo-politics and geo-economics
  • Energy security in oil and gas markets: Price risks, supply risks, public policy tools
  • Oil markets: Global market, fungible product; national and company strategies
  • Gas markets: Regional markets, bilateral deals, geopolitics, pipeline diplomacy, EU energy and competition law 
  • Energy, security and governance: security threats, the resource curse, resource conflicts, public and private policy tools
  • Global governance, geo-economics, and energy transition: the WTO regime and climate clubs


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