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Entertainment Industries


In this course students receive and introduction to the media-based aspects of the entertainment business, including the film, TV, book, music and game businesses. This includes other entertainment products that have their source in other sectors, such as TV sport or streamed stage art (concerts and theatre). Value creation in these businesses happens primarily by creating experiences for the public, something which is becoming more and more important, also in other businesses. Media-based entertainment products are often complex due to their being a result of interaction among many players with different artistic, technical, and business backgrounds. Furthermore, they are connected to time and place in a fashion similar to the live businesses. Consequently, there are fewer natural limitations, and technology has made the entertainment markets virtually limitless. The remaining limitations are to a great extent culturally, institutionally and economically related.

Course content

  • The relationship between entertainment, art and culture
  • The film, TV, book, music and game industries: distinctiveness and commonalities
  • The entertainment products' distinctive features and characteristics
  • Development trends and change in the entertainment industries
  • The impact of new technology on the entertainment industries
  • Branding and marketing
  • Entertainment consumption
  • Actors, processes and different forms of value creation
  • Business models, funding and distribution
  • Forms of organization and cooperation


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