Excerpt from course description

ESG and Sustainability Disclosure, Reporting and Regulation


The course 

  • introduces the history and various concepts of ESG/Sustainability and provide an overview of UN and EU policy frameworks on the matter
  • provides an overview of the voluntary frameworks used to assess, disclose and report  on ESG/Sustainability matters
  • provides in dept coverage of EU/EEA Sustainability  laws
  • Analyse challanges and opportunities in Sustainability financing.
  • aims to familiarize students with applying ESG classifications, disclosure and performance rules to listed companies.

Course content

  • Introduction to the history and concepts for ESG/Sustainability, UN and EU policy frameworks and  major international ESG guidelines
  • Sustainability classification rules (TR, SFDR, others)
  • Sustainability disclosure rules (voluntary/mandatory)  including CSRD/ESRS and NFDR.
  • Sustainability performance rules (CSDDD etc.)
  • Critical analysis of Sustainability finance 


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