Excerpt from course description

Roles of Insurance Brokers – Life, Pensions and Property Damage


The course is an introduction to central topics relating to the role of the insurance broker within the fields of life and pension insurance and insurance against property damage, including relevant legislation, regulations, standard-form contracts, etc. The focus is on the role of the insurance broker in relation to these types of insurance.

The course is mandatory for persons wishing to obtain an insurance broker license.

Course content

The course consists of two separate modules: the role of the insurance broker in relation to insurance against property damage; and this role in relation to life and pension insurance. Each module counts 50% of the course.

Both modules are an introduction to the role of the insurance broker and tasks and assignments in the following phases of the commissions:

  • Demand analysis and risk assessment
  • Product assessment
  • Assessment of legislation and other regulations (Norwegian and international when relevant)
  • Market assessment
  • Insurance (bid phase, administration phase, renewals, changes in terms).


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