Excerpt from course description

Financial Accounting


This course is part of the statutory curriculum for approval as a Norwegian Certified Accountant. The programme meets the requirements of the Certified Accountant Regulation of 8 February 1999 no. 196 (education requirements for certified accountants).

Course content

Accounting theory

  • Focus on the user groups of company accounts and their need for accounting information and accounting regulation
  • Norwegian and international accounting rules, development of international regulation and regulatory bodies
  • Profit and loss versus balance orientation
  • IFRS conceptual framework
  • The theoretical basis for the Norwegian basic accounting principles and best accounting practice

In-depth knowledge in accounting

  • In depth knowledge of valuation, measuring and accruals of the most basic items in the accounts as well as basic accounting principles
  • Knowledge about the special regulations for small and micro companies
  • Knowledge about the special regulations for ideal organizations
  • Knowledge about the most basic differences between accounting and taxation
  • Ability to produce annual accounts, including tax and year end disposals, for a limited company
  • Knowledge about the regulation regarding notes to company accounts and Directors' report
  • Ability to produce basic consolidated accounts


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