An opportunity for businesses once established is to grow and scale up in an international business environment. High-potential startups undergo a significant transformation from small high-tech ventures into global business corporations. This programme provides the participant with the foundation for making future decisions with respect to venture projects. The programme builds upon evidence-based knowledge and experiential experience within core areas for high-tech entrepreneurs. The programme combines selected topics and skills salient to the advanced stages of business growth and development in an international context. The programme is a continuation of the programme Born global.

Course content

Global Scaleup consists of six learning modules:

1) Learning for Fallibility
Organisational Behaviour in Start-ups: Creative problem solving and innovation tools in entrepreneurship

2) Branding
Brand Positioning and Market Concepts for Growth and Innovation

3) Raising Capital
Sources of financing for Start-ups

4) Skills of Change in International Entrepreneurship
Change Management: Managing a start-up through growth and upscaling

5) Network and Partnerships
Venturing and M&A: Understanding Benefits and risks of Partnership Options

6) You as a Leader
Venturing and M&A: Understanding Benefits and risks of Partnership Options


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