Excerpt from course description

Innovation Consultant Work in Practice


In this course, the students work with real innovation projects for start-ups or existing organisations. The students are responsible for recruiting a case from an organisation. The lecturer is to approve the case. The course is organized as whole days and attendance is expected in all of these, as well as work between.

The students shall form consulting teams of up to 5 students. The teams are to sign a consultancy contract with the representatives from the organisation, and work on the innovation case between. It must be noted and kept an overview of hours used. The teams will answer the problem by gathering information and using relevant theories and tools for economic, HR, management and organization, strategy and marketing issues. Students will transfer skills from teaching in, for example, accounting and marketing to a business idea. Therefore, it is also included to build models of the company in Excel where one creates scenarios for how the company changes operationally and economically at different strategic choices. A reasoned recommendation is expected in the final report. The course is practically oriented and besides the given syllabus there is a 150-page self-chosen syllabus. 

Course content

  • An offer for a contract
  • Negotiations
  • Contract clarification and agreement with the client
  • Process work with the client, innovator / case
  • Consultant report with recommendation
  • Timesheet
  • Individual reflection


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