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Integrated Market Communication


Marketing Communication as a discipline exists to implement marketing strategies, which in turn are made to realise an organization's strategies. In the course Integrated Marketing Communication, students will aquire basic knowledge about theory and models to hone skills related to successful planning of strategic effectuation of market communication. In addition students are expected to have knowledge about measuring effects and planning persuasive efforts.

Course content

Overview of different marketing communication tools, different types of advertising as well as how one can combine these tools to create effective integrated marketing communication in a successful manner

  • How Integrated Marketing Communications works
  • Choice of target groups
    • The target group's decision process
    • Defining communication target groups
    • Positioning
    • Development of a communication strategy
    • Development of a media strategy and choice of channel
  • Challenges for designing messages:
    • Message processing
    • Creative tactics
    • Creative solutions
  • Integration of messages across different channels
  • Methods and techniques for assessment of effects


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