Excerpt from course description

Intercultural Management


In today’s global, highly interrelated and interdependent world, international leaders must be able to manage people from various backgrounds, nations and cultures effectively. A successful leader requires knowledge of differences and similarities across cultural contexts as well as interpersonal competencies and self insight. In the course we explore the complexities and nuances of culture and management and cover the critical areas of motivation, communication, relationships, and negotiation and address organizational level issues related to human resource management and leadership.  

The course is designed to help you understand and analyze the critical elements and processes in intercultural management. By using roles plays and cases you will have the opportunity to learn through doing, and the possibility to investigate your own talents, skills, and weaknesses. In addition, we will build on the international and intercultural experiences of the class in order to illustrate both best practices and common pitfalls.

Course content

  1. Introduction to intercultural management
  2. Overview of the key concepts and research on intercultural management (levels, analysis, typologies)
  3. Learning from cultural blunders
  4. Teamwork, decision-making and leadership in cross cultural teams
  5. Leading cross-cultural global teams
  6. Cross-cultural aspects of creativity and innovation
  7. Culture and change
  8. Relating and networking across cultures: Help-giving and help-seeking in CC
  9. Cross cultural competence (cultural inteligence)
  10. Globalization and localization, International HRM & Managing expats
  11. Exam requirements
  12. Course wrap up: Reflection activity


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