Excerpt from course description

International Business


This course prepares students for working in an international business environment, by addressing critical macro-level factors in the environment and meso-level factors in the organization that are fundamental for a manager to be competent in international business. This course will provide students with knowledge of the institutional, organizational, and interpersonal factors and challenges that are critical to successful international business.

The course begins with an overview of the global business environment and introduces the international organization and key decisions managers have to face when going international. The environmental and organizational context will provide the backdrop for an in-depth analysis of culture and management. Special focus will be placed on the cross-cultural management, global leadership and international human resource management. Strategy and structure of the international business organization will also be discussed. Students will have the opportunity to develop their skill sets based on their knowledge of culture and management to be effective negotiators and team players. The course is built on a research-based foundation, and uses practical cases where different perspectives can be used to solve real world problems. 

Course content

The course content will be structured as below.

  • Conceptualizing and understanding cultures
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Leading across cultural boundaries
  • Managing workforce diversity and expatriates
  • New challenges for globalization
  • Firm competitiveness and investing abroad
  • Globalization and integration
  • Global competition and collaboration
  • Organizing and innovating in MNEs


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