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Internship for Finance


The internship is an opportunity to work full-time at a company during your studies and gain professional experience. As a participant in the internship programme, you have been selected to work at a specific company based on both what the company is seeking and your Master specialization. The internship will give you valuable insights in real-world challenges in the broad area of finance, and should help you in applying your academic learning toward increasing organizational effectiveness and growth.

Please be aware that the Internship period will be any time between May and August, while the examination will be in the autumn semester.

Course content

Students will work for 8 weeks in a selected company and the tasks are assigned by each company. Students must attend work as agreed upon with the company they are assigned to. After the completion of the internship, the student will either write a final paper or portfolio. Each student is entitled to a maximum of 1.5 hours supervision.

As part of this course, it is compulsory to participate in an employability course. 

The internship may be paid or unpaid.


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