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Internship for MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation


BI Internship is an opportunity to work full-time in a company/organization as a part of your studies.  BI Internship provides the opportunity to gain practical experience in your particular field of study. It will give you valuable insights in real-world challenges in topics within your chosen track, and should help you in applying your academic learning towards meeting entrepreneurial innovation challenges and opportunities. An internship should help you in applying your academic learnings in an empirical setting.

Note that in order to get a BI Internship approved as part of the degree, the student needs to apply according to BI’s procedures and submit a valid Learning Contract prior to starting their internship and in due time before the deadline.

Course content

Students will work in a selected company and the tasks are assigned by each company. The project should be focused on entrepreneurship and/or innovation related targets either in the context of a young/small venture that is scaling up, or in a corporate context that is focused on entrepreneurship/innovation.


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