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Intra/Entrepreneurship and New Wealth Creation


New businesses and related new wealth are created from scratch (entrepreneurship) as well as within existing organizations (intrapreneruship).
Most existing companies face new value creation possibilities on the basis of existing resources and capabilities. These new business opportunities can be captured by aggressive, innovative and visionary managers and exploited for the benefit of the firm. Going from tested products and well-known business models into novel offerings and innovative monetization possibilities is just as demanding and creative as starting a venture from scratch.
On the other hand, emerging technological possibilities can be captured by new start-up firms, which if successful in the market do generate tremendous returns for their founders as well as benefits to the economy and society at large.
In this module you will learn about both; new ventures and intrapreneurial projects. You will do so from a theoretical and a practical perspective. The practical part will consist of you forming venture teams and either (a) start your own firm or (b) create your own intrapreneurial project within an existing firm, ideally a real project at the firm where you work.

This module is meant to complete the other two modules on entrepreneurship and idea works by offering an organizational approach and novel techniques to exploiting new business ideas in an existing type of business, as well as in a startup setting. This course will in-depth review cases in emerging market contexts, touching upon the interaction between culture, institutions and new value creation opportunity. Lastly, the module will offer a mix of theories on creative destruction, entrepreneurship and 'control for innovation' models with a focus on renewing existing business for growth and new wealth creation in a Chinese environment.

Course content

The course will consist of a mixture of team work, lectures, and case discussions. Live examples and case studies will be used as an important vehicle for demonstrating the application of theory and models. However, the most important case will be your own venture or entrepreneurial project.

The following topics are covered:

  • Your Team Intrapreneurial Project or Start-up Venture: Introduction to the Module
  • Theory of Wealth Creation: From the Austrian School to Political Economy Configurations
  • Praxis of Wealth Creation: Grounding Your Pivots

Team Project, Venture: Presentation, Evaluation and Teamwork


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