Excerpt from course description

Introduction to entrepreneurship


The course will give the students an overview of the field of entrepreneurship and the role of entrepreneurial ventures in society. In addition to lectures, the students will meet entrepreneurs and other players with a role in entrepreneurial processes, and make reports and presentations of this. The business plan and the 'opportunity business model' will be introduced as tools for business development.

The course will go more in-depth on developing business ideas, with focus on conceptualization and commercialization. How business ideas and opportunities are found and developed into a company. A central topic in his course is commercialization, with a focus on how business ideas are conceptualized and transformed to demanded products. Design and ethics are included as elements in product development. Lastly, sales, organization of sales, and the problem of launching radically new products and participate in shaping new markets will be discussed.

Course content

  • Introduction to entrepreneurship
  • Development and evaluation of business ideas
  • Introduction to business plans and business models
  • Pitching, theoretical and practical
  • Resources, networks and management of team
  • Commercialization, market adaptation and sales
  • Key processes: operations and technologies
  • Financing new ventures
  • Players in the entrepreneurial process
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship vs Intrapreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship and the role of small businesses in society. Economic, social, historical and political perspectives
  • Social entrepreurship
  • The entrepreneur: lonely hero or visionary teamwork?


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