Excerpt from course description

Labour Legislation


Most conflicts at the individual level in working life are due to inadequate routines for how such conflicts can be avoided in the first place and for how conflicts should be handled and resolved. This is largely due to the failure of employers to know the basic labor law rules. The course in labor law shall provide basic knowledge of the legal regulation of individual working conditions. The students get a basic insight into the working environment legislation based on central issues that are important for the exercise of employer functions.

Course content

  • The distinctive qualities of labour law, history and sources of law
  • Management prerogative
  • Priorities and appointments
  • Procedural rules
  • The employment contract
  • The work environment
  • Working hours
  • Job protection
  • Workforce reductions
  • Layoffs
  • Transfer of undertaking
  • Loyalty and freedom of speech
  • Wages and leave of absence
  • Tariff law


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