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Law for school leaders


The course MAN 5131 Law for school leaders can be included in the Executive Master of Management grade with spesialisation in i School Management in which MAN 5148 Leadership and Change comprises the foundation of the programme and MAN 5131 will be a part of the 2. year.  This course can be taken as a single course, or as a component of the EMM-grade.

Course content

List of topics and modules
Module One: Distinguishing traits of employment legislation, legal method, the headmaster’s governing principles, the objectives and principles of good case administration, the concept of best qualified in hiring staff according to the Education Act and rules governing case administration in the hiring process.    

This module will take up legal method, especially as it applies to working rights, pupils’ rights and the headmaster’s governing rights.  In addition, the legal concept of “best qualified” in the hiring process will be looked into, including rules governing priority and case administration in the hiring process of positions in the public sector.

Module Two: Duty of loyalty and freedom of speech, job protection, including case administration of job protection cases, workforce (overstaffing) and conflict resolution.

The module will go through the most essential elements of the Working Environment Act and tariff agreements that impact job protection and workforce cuts.  In addition, focus will be put on case administration of these kinds of issues, including conflict resolution.  Relevant legal custom and usage and comments from the Parliamentary Ombudsman regarding the same resolutions will be looked into, including the unwritten rule regarding duty of loyalty and the Constitutionally protected freedom of speech.

Module Three: Tariff law, pupils’ rights and the school’s liability for compensation and expulsion

The most important rules regarding pupils’ rights will be looked into in this module, including pupils’ right to a proper psychosocial environment in accordance with Education Act, the school’s rights in cases involving the expulsion of pupils, school owners’ liability for teachers’ negligent behaviour and an overview of tariff law in the school sector. Relevant legal custom and usage the Parliamentary Ombudsman’s commentary will be reviewed.     

Module Four: Skills training

This module focuses on the inter-human element of the working environment.  A negative working environment can damage the coordination and motivation of staff, as well as being a reason for the failure of working processes. Skills training in this module will thus focus on conflict resolution, in other words how conflicts develop and how they can be solved.  The school leader will therefore be introduced to tools for managing conflict constructively by, among other things, approaching serious personal conflict in a formally correct fashion. The training will be carried out individually and in groups.


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