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Leadership (2024/2025)


The concept of “leadership” emerged to enrich the idea of a “manager” as an organizational engineer. Surrounded by hypes and myths, the leadership concept has remained a globally popular concept to describe the role and performance of business executives and public administrators on all levels. The reason for this is the necessity to safeguard the life of organizations as real social entities in contrast with their abstract existence as planned realities in the form of budgets and strategic documents. The purpose of this course is to let the students understand various ways of understanding their leadership roles, how to fill the roles and how to make use of the available knowledge about leadership to improve their performance and survive their job demands.

Course content

  • The basic roles of management and leadership
  • Personality and skills as talents and pitfalls
  • The dark side of leadership
  • The leader-follower relationship
  • From Great man theory to post-heroic leadership
  • Leading oneself, followers, and teams


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