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Leadership Analytics of the Energy Sector for the Future


This course is part of the Executive Master of Management in Energy in cooperation with BI Norwegian Business School and IFP School.

Shaping the future of the energy sector is a particularly challenging task.
How to perform leadership that fits the challenge of the future issues and challenges, and how to organize the companies and the associated collaboration and co creation between clients and contractors.

This course in module 5 sets the leadership direction and issues necessary for shaping the future in the energy sector.

Course content

Key topics are in this course:

  • Core concepts of leadership, management and uncertainty
  • The inherent conflict between making and predicting future states of organizations
  • Technical and social validation of decisions
  • Decision making in the light of creating emergent realities
  • Approaches and limitations to analytics in leadership and organizations
  • Prediction and methodologies
  • The leader as a ticket to the future


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