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Leadership Development


The previous modules have focused on different types of managerial knowledge that is required for optimal performance in international business organizations. The students should thus have become familiar with both basic and advanced perspectives on the several facets of the job as a versatile business leader.

In this final module we will emphasize the importance of understanding leadership as a role, characterized by a set of challenges from the surroundings. To perform satisfactorily in this role, the students will need to develop behaviors influencing employees, co-workers and other stakeholders towards commitment to and co-operation towards busines objectives. The module focuses on fundamentals in leadership theories (particularly transformational leadership), assessment of leadership performance and potential, and on how leadership capacity in organizations may be developed. A particular emphasis is made on the relationship between leadership, leadership development and strategic business objectives. Additional emphasis is given to cross-cultural aspects of leadership, authority and interpersonal behaviors.

Course content

Theories of leadership wih emphasis of transformational leadership and team theories.
The issue of leadership effectiveness.
Cross cultural differences in personality and leadership.
Theories of human personality with an emphasis on the five - factor model.
Assessment of personality and leadership style.
Theories of communication as well as learning and behaviour change.
Research on leadership training.
Training in selected leadership skills.

The course is centered on cases that explore the following topics: Leadership assessment and performance, visionary digital transformations, the effect of personality on leadership, unethical and dangerous leadership behaviors and business impacts, global innovation in leadership models, as well as leadership team performance and leadership development as an organized part of competence management.

Module schedule
Day 1. Leadership and management - what is the impact of leadership on organizational performance?
Day 2. Interpersonal perception, personality and leadership styles.
Day 3. Transformational leadership, team theory and team leadership .
Day 4. Leadership training in theory and practice.

2 of the teaching hours in this course are dedicated to CSR, ethics, social and environmental issues.


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