Excerpt from course description

Leadership training, personal development and coaching


This course targets students who are interested in personal development and practical leadership training. The scientific foundation is within positive psychology, while coaching and mentoring represent the practical tools.

Course content

Frame of reference

  • Positive psychology: Helping individuals, teams and organizations to" flourish"
  • Narrative approach: The story I tell about (and to) myself versus the story I wish to tell
  • Active use of different aspects of relation leadership
  • Be able to use the elements of relation leadership to show bravery, increase dialog and communication


  • Identify and develop talents. Bridging the gap between the Present Self and the Ideal Self.
  • Positive emotions. Joy. Optimism. Self-efficacy. Resilience. Mindfulness etc.
  • Stress and stress coping strategies. Stopping time-thieves. Self-discipline. Self-talk. Creativity. Courage
  • Personal efficiency. Time management. Learn to say no. Delegation. Empowerment of others
  • The rhetorical process. Preparing for presentations/dialogue. Communication skills

Team leadership

  • SMART and healthy goals. Prioritation and focus.
  • Coaching. Asking powerful questions. Mentoring: Giving wise answers.
  • Motivation through self-leadership, engagement and meaning
  • Conflict and conflict management. Identification of power base
  • Praise and criticism. Giving and receiving feedback


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