Excerpt from course description

Legal issues for auditors


The course covers important legal issues that an auditor is expected to be familiar with.

Course content

The course addresses the following topics:

Legal method

  • Key concepts
  • Legal sources and principles
  • The legislative process
  • The legal application process

Auditing law

  • The auditor's role and the purpose of the audit
  • Audit obligation
  • Acceptance and continuation assessments
  • Confidentiality
  • Reporting obligations, including obligations under the Money Laundering Act
  • Independence
  • The content of the audit and good auditing practice
  • Sanctions against the auditor

Insolvency law

  • Single prosecution, debt negotiations and bankruptcy
  • The bankruptcy process
  • The conditions for opening bankruptcy
  • Right of seizure in relation to debtor and third parties
  • Repudiation and the effects of repudiation
  • Contractual obligations, including the right to stop

Accounting law

  • Purpose of the annual accounts
  • The Accounting Act and generally accepted accounting principles
  • Quality requirements, main elements and measurement models
  • Basic accounting policies
  • Classification and presentation
  • Fixed assets and revenues
  • Annual Report

Bookkeeping law

  • Bookkeeping obligation and purpose
  • Basic principles
  • Documentation and storage
  • Specification of financial reporting


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