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Project Management


We have a project-based society and therefore it is salient to have the competence and capabilities to lead projects, from the early idea of a project and throughout its life cycle, as well as to materialize the benefits of implementing project deliveries. This course provides the participants with knowledge, skills and attitudes to lead projects and to use projects as a way of organizing work in their own organization. We look into the core processes of managing and leading projects such as planning, organizing, planning, and various strategies for project execution. We learn how to manage risk and opportunities, collaborating with stakeholders, evaluating and learning from projects, and how to understand and enable the various dimensions of project success. We also study together the characteristics of efficient project teams and how to enable team work, knowledge integration in teams, culture and climate for coordination and collaboration in teams. We include both stage gate and agile methodlogies. Also, project work is reflecet on in light of ethcial issues,  sustainability issues, and the impact of digitalization.  

Course content

1st course module:The project's foundation – starting up the project

2nd course module:Project execution models, planning and uncertainty management

3rd course module: Project organizing and the relational context of projects, stakeholders

4th course module: Project control, governance, project evaluation and project learning

5th course module: Project leadership and team work. Coping with ethical issues in projects.

6th course module: The project oriented enterprise, program and portfolio management. Summary and conclusion of the programme.


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