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Management Control Systems


The field of management accounting and control has changed considerably during the last two decades, more influenced today than ever by theories and methods from the academic fields of strategy, management, and organizational behavior. The course content is limited to management control, and covers topics related to performance management, such as the balanced scorecard, beyond budgeting, forecasting and incentive mechanisms.

Course content

  1. Performance Management
    • From Financial Control to the Balanced Scorecard
    • The Balanced Scorecard at the Company Group Level
    • The Balanced Scorecard in Public Management and in Not-for-Profit Organizations
    • A Critical Glance at the Balanced Scorecard
    • Advanced Topics in Budgeting
    • Practical Implications of Beyond Budgeting
    • Beyond Budgeting in Practice
    • Levers of Control
    • Business Forecasting
  2.  Incentives and Organizational Behavior
    • Agency model
    • Incentive models
    • Behavioral Economics


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