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Maritime Law and Insurance


The course covers an introduction to International Maritime Law, and the rules applicable to the Owner`s and Charterer`s liabilities in connection with the operation of the vessel. International conventions relating to liabi.lities and limitation of liability will be covered. Relevant contracts used in Maritime Law and Marine insurance is covered, and illustrates the division of liabilities and rights between the parties and how this affects the insurance covers. The course covers liabilities in contracts and in tort, as well as the rules relation to limitation of liability. The course examines the Owners`s and Charterer`s insurable interests in the vessel, and the marine insurance covers available to cover these interests, and the markets in which the covers are available. The focal point is the Nordic market and covers, but makes a comparison to the English market and relevant covers. Since shipping is international and the rules largely based on international onventions, these will be referred to in an international context.

Course content

The course will introduce students to the role of maritime transport in international trade and to the importance of international law and its impact on shipping. Including:

  • International Maritime Law
  • International Conventions
  • Ship registration, national flags and “flags of convenience”
  • Standard contracts and forms
  • Ship owners liabilities in contract and tort
  • Carriers liability for cargo and passengers
  • Liability for oil pollution
  • Salvage and collision
  • Limitation rules
  • Maritime Liens

The course will also examine the following:

  • The main marine insurance markets
  • The ship owners and charterers insurable interests
  • Norwegian and English covers
  • Hull and Machinery Insurance
  • P&I Insurance
  • TLO insurances
  • Third party insurances


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