Excerpt from course description

Marketing Law and Ethics


The course provides an introduction to the legal framework for all kind of companies, with a special focus on companies related to consumer rights. Thin trading companies and business to consumer industry knowledge of the legal framework are of great importance. New communication channels and new market places, e.g. digital channels, increase the need for knowledge of legal consequences connected to strategic decisions. The course focuses on contract law, sales of goods, marketing control act and intellectual property rights (design, trademark, copyright and patent). International conventions and EU-regulations will influence Norwegian legislation. The students will also gain an understanding of ethical principles and sustainable considerations of importance in business society. 

Course content

  • Review of sources of law and legal method
  • Ethics and law
  • The main aspects of contract law
  • The main aspects of the law of sales
  • The rules on the consumers right of cancellation
  • The Marketing Control Act rules on consumer protection
  • Competition protection and intellectual property law


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