Excerpt from course description

Marketing Management


Marketing is a science and an art. It accommodates imaginative and analytical processes guided by a company’s overall vision and mission. This said, a successful marketer is the one who is sensitive, creative and strategic. The course of Marketing Management aims to offer a thought-provoking and intellectual fulfilling learning experience through which students are able to tap into and develop their potential of being an artist or/and strategist in marketing. Relevant and up-to-date theories, concepts and practices in marketing will be introduced and discussed in class.

Course content

  • Understanding Marketing and Identifying Marketing Opportunities 
  • Developing Marketing Segmenting, Targeting, Positioning and Branding Strategies
  • Designing Marketing Campaigns I (Product, Pricing and Communication Strategies)
  • Designing Marketing Campaigns II (Placement, Process and People Strategies)

2 of the teaching hours in this course are dedicated to CSR, ethics, social and environmental issues.


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