This is a basic course in mathematics. The course is a compulsory part of the bachelor programs in business administration subjects. The course will be carried out during the first year over two terms. The first term will contain basic algebra, functions with one variable, and will give a basis for the main part of the course, which is in the second term.

Course content

  • Elementary algebra and solution of equations and equation systems
  • Function concept and basic functions as polynomial functions, rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions
  • Differentiation and function analysis: limits, continuity, derivatives, derivatives of composite functions, application of differentiation in economic issues, analysis of functions, elasticity
  • Series and financial mathematics
  • Easy integration
  • Functions of several variables: partial derivatives, stationary points. Maximum and minimum problems for two variables with and without constraints (Lagrange method)
  • Determinants and solutions of equations using Gauss-elimination.


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