Excerpt from course description

Methods and Insight


This course in methods and insight provides a basic introduction to the use of research methods related to strategic choices and decisions in companies. The course addresses how to identify and define problems and challenges in the organization and in the market, and how to work systematically and scientifically to provide information that can be used for the decision making. The course is based on theories within marketing, consumer behavior, organization theories, statistics, business management and strategy.

Business research knowledge will provide guidance for the students when interpreting information regarding scientific standards. The course will develop the students abilities to make such critical reviews. Both qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques will be addressed in the course.

Course content

  • Develop and manage projects, specify the problem definitions
  • Research model and hypotheses
  • Information sources within the secondary data sources and primary data
  • Qualitative techniques and analysis
  • Quantitative techniques and analysis
  • Reporting and implementation


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