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Organisation Science


A main objective of this course is to provide the students with an in-depth understanding of organisations. Organisations are the main tool that modern society applies to meet the challenges of innovation and resolution of complex tasks. To understand how to organise to resolve the challenges organisations meet is the main focus of this course. The course reviews the main contributions to organisation research. Another objective is to provide students with a background to understand the changes in organisational structures that we observe in both the private and in the public sector. Understanding new organisational forms - why they are emerging and which characteristics they bear - are of key importance for managers acting in these sectors. Therefore, the course also aims at giving the students a deeper understanding of the present "experiments" in organisational structures and processes.

Course content

  • Introduction, Organisations as rational, natural & open systems
  • Organisations as Rational systems
  • Organisations as Natural systems
  • Organisations as Open Systems
  • Designing Organisations & Combining Perspectives
  • Organisations & Environment
  • The Nature of the Firm
  • Boundary Spanning & Boundary Setting
  • Technology & Structure: Coordination & Routines
  • Environment & Structure
  • Modern Organisational forms


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