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Organizational Behavior and Leadership


This course provides an introduction to the field of organizational behaviour and leadership. Students will learn the basic concepts and processes that describe and explain behaviour in organizations and how they can be used to improve organizational performance. Topics will include organizational culture and change, personality, communication processes, perception, technology, motivation, power and influence, leadership roles and behaviours, power and conflict. Through readings, discussions, and activities, the course will focus on developing an understanding of how these topics are related to each other, and how to apply them to effectively manage and lead organizations. By the end of the course, students should have developed a deeper understanding of organizational behaviour and leadership and be able to apply this knowledge to their own organizations.

Course content

  • Personality, Job satisfaction & Job engagement. Stress and burnout
  • Perception and Individual Differences
  • Communication processes
  • Motivation and Self Leadership
  • Organization Theory, Organisational structure, Understanding Organizations
  • Organizational Culture and Change
  • Group and Team Psychology. Work climate issues (conflict, bullying etc.). Power and Influences
  • Leadership. Leader roles. Leadership and Management.
  • Leadership Behaviours. Leadership attributes and Deconstructive Leadership
  • Cognition: Learning, Problem-solving, Decision Marking, Diversity and Creativity
  • Technology
  • Conflict, Power and Politics


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