Excerpt from course description

Performing Arts and live culture


The performing arts are created before a live audience and are often referred to as the art of the moment. Theatre, dance, music and opera are regarded as performing arts. The course covers everything from the most experimental to the most commercial areas of the industry – from contemporary music to stand-up comedy.  Music is limited to classical music played by live orchestras or ensembles in concert halls and similar arenas. While we are seeing more and more activities becoming digitalized, interest for experiencing culture in live performances is just as intense as it has been in past times. This industry’s central focus on live performance nonetheless poses a number of financial, market-oriented and organisational challenges which the course will look more closely at.  During the course, students will also train their skills in orally presenting a message to an audience. 

Course content

  • The performing arts’ general characteristics, value chains and industrial structure
  • Organisational forms in the industry
  • The history of the performing arts
  • The performing arts’ forms of cultural policy and
  • Marketing challenges for the performing arts
  • Institutions, projects, festivals, networks and hybrid forms
  • Oral presentation


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