Excerpt from course description

Product and Price Strategy


The aim of this course is to make students able to take an active role in developing new products and setting a price on these. The course is designed to provide an understanding of elements that affect the success of products in the marketplace and to make students able to develop strategies for successful pricing and product management. The goal of the course is to integrate knowledge of consumer behavior, product management and pricing.

Course content

  • Intro to product development and NPD Processes         
  • Opportunity Identification and Creativity                                                           
  • Customer Insights and Market Analysis for NPD                                              
  • Concept Evaluation and Testing                                              
  • Project Evaluation and Testing                                                
  • Intro to pricing
  • Price Setting                                                                                    
  • Consumer Insights for Pricing                                                
  • Price segmentation                                                                     
  • Pricing of Interrelated Products


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