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Professional Copywriting


Successful PR- and marketing communications professionals must understand the principles of good written communication. Poor writing skills diminish organizational credibility, internally and externally, especially for the person who has developed the text. Good texts, have a foundation of proper research, analysis and planning. Text design stems from such skills, adjusted to genre, model reader and goals. A text must be both well-written and correctly written, according to the respective standards and rules of the language used.
Skills acquired in this course will prove to be useful and transferable to all jobs and positions where communication skills are prerequisites.

Course content

Written communication in business

To give business a voice

  • The starting point for the company's voice
  • Who is responsible for providing, developing and maintaining the company's voice?
  • Review of relevant rhetorical, linguistic and other epistemological techniques
  • How to choose the formats that best suit the business

Written and general media relations

  • The press release
  • The background paper
  • Chronicle, and readers letters to the editor
  • E-mail correspondence with a journalist (the written interview)
  • Speeches

Written communication for internal audiences

  • Internal newspapers
  • Intranet
  • Joint letters to employees (electronically or on paper)
  • Bulletins
  • Internal presentations

Direct follow-up via

  • Individuals, organizations and other pressure groups
  • Governmental bodies, letters to the editor, blog comments, etc.
  • Recorded statements of hearings

Special occasions

  • Crises, conflicts, restructuring and other situations that require special care
  • Stock exchange announcements, profit warnings

Law and Ethics

  • Legislation must be taken into account when writing
  • Editorial responsibility and adherence to ethical guidelines


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