Excerpt from course description

Programming, Data Extraction and Visualisation


The aim of this course is to equip the students with basic tools in programming, data extraction and visualization of datasets. Using a learning-by-doing approach, we solve basic problems encountered in data science using Python. The course will be using a blended learning approach with a focus on solving practical problems under guidance by teachers. Data examples for business applications will be given.

Course content

  1. Basics of Python
    • Understand variables and data types.
    • Use statements for automated tasks (conditionals and loops).
    • Write functions.
  2. Data extraction and exploratory analysis
    • Read and write data with Python.
    • Access a sub-set of a dataset, changing parts of the data, etc.
    • Analyze data quality.
    • Compute summary statistics and interpret the results.
  3. Visualization techniques
    • Use univariate plots and multivariate plots to visualize data.
    • Interpret the results of the plots.


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