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Project and Change Management


Hundred thousands of people are involved in project work every day all over the globe. Involvement in project work in one way or the other has simply become commonplace. The reason is that project work has become one of the most versatile mechanisms for closing the gap between aspirations and reality. And new projects are starting up at an increasing pace. Project work is the recipe for combining new efforts, new knowledge and new capital in ways that make us better able to change our world and ourselves in directions we believe in and want to pursue.

Course content

Project and Change Management
The Project Concept
Project Structure
Goal Management
From Project Goals to Project Leadership
Project Evaluations
Master Planning
Detailed Planning
Project Organizations
Roles and Responsibilities in Modern Project Management
Cultural Differences in Mastering Modern Projects

Module Schedule
Day 1: Why and how do we create projects?
Day 2: How do we prepare and plan projects?
Day 3: How do we organise projects and project participants?
Day 4: How do we manage and lead modern projects?


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