Excerpt from course description

Project Management 3


Bachelor Program in Project Management consists of three courses, where each course builds on the previous one. It is taken as a prerequisite that the students follow the progression through the program (Project Management 1 before Project Management 2, and Project Management 1 and 2 before Project Management 3). After completion of all three courses the program will be accepted as a 30 credits Bachelor Program. The course takes a modern and leadershiporiented approch to project execution, includes both stage gate and agile project methocology, and reflects on the impact og digitalization on comtemporary project execution. 

In addition to the regional colleges, BI Nettstudier will offer this program..

The courses of the program:

  • BIK 6600 Project Management 1 (PL 1): 7,5 credits
  • BIK 6601 Project Management 2 (PL 2): 7,5 credits
  • BIK 6510 Project Management 3 (PL 3): 15 credits

Course content

  • Management of projects
  • Project control and value creation
  • Uncertainties in project
  • Use of IT tools in project work
  • Project proposals, selection of project short list, cash flow, profitability, cost of capital, risk analysis
  • Work on project thesis


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