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Psychological Measurement and Individual Differences


The study of the individual is the cornerstone of psychology. Despite an increasing focus on the dynamics of groups, teams and organizations in research, the emphasis on the individual remains. In order to understand individual differences or the individual as part of a system, it is necessary to have extensive knowledge of individual characteristics as reflected in theories of personality, intelligence, creativity, styles and other attributes. Such theories may explain important work behavior necessary to develop sustainable organizations, e.g., achievement, collaboration efforts, competition, and productivity.  Such knowledge generally represents the foundation for recruitment, personal development programs, and team composition. Characteristics of measurement and statistical analyses are also of central importance in this field.

Course content

  • Measurement and analyses of individual differences
  • Questionnaire development
  • Theories of personality
  • Motivational dispositions
  • Theories of mental abilities
  • Creativity
  • Leadership styles and 360 degree feedback
  • Diagnoses and personality disorders


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