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Psychometrics and Multivariate Analysis


The course is a thorough examination of the basics of multivariate statistics and structural equation modeling (SEM).  SEM is a very general and flexible analysis approach that combines path analysis and confirmatory factor analysis with the ability to model complex hypothesis relevant for researchers in sociology, psychology, marketing, strategy, education and economics. 

Course content

Module 1

  • Univariate Regression analysis and Analysis of Variance
  • Classification: Logistic Regression/Probit Regression and Discriminant analysis
  • ​Multivariate Regression analysis
  • EFA (Exploratory factor analysis) and PCA (Principal Component Analysis)

Module 2

  • CFA (Confirmatory factor analysis)
  • MTMM models
  • SEM (Structural Equation Modeling)
  • Multigroup Analysis
  • ​Longitudinal SEM


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