PR practitioners and managers play a key role in the success of organizations and the field of study is constantly evolving to reflect this importance. Today, PR is often referred to as corporate communication or organizational communication, but all have in common the goal of helping organizations build relationships with their stakeholders, including customers. The introductory PR course is designed to introduce theories and practical activities to students wishing to major in public relations. This course provides the foundation that will allow students to move on through more advanced courses within the public relations curricula. The course takes a broad look at public relations: its theory, the profession, its procedures and practice. It looks at the nature and scope of public relations, its historical origins, communication theory, organization theory and contemporary case studies. The course will also explore PR practice in non-profit organizations, membership organizations, sports clubs, etc.

Course content

  • The Role of Public Relations in Organizations
  • The History of PR
  • A Theoretical Basis for PR
  • Ethics, Legal Environment and Professionalism
  • The Planning Process
  • Media Relations
  • Internal/employee Communication
  • Community relations
  • Non-profit Public Relations
  • Public Affairs and Government Relations
  • Corporate Public Relations


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