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Real Estate Brokerage I


According to the Real Estate Brokerage Act, there are requirements for formal real estate brokerage expertise or legal competence for individuals engaging in brokerage activities within real estate brokerage firms.

Course content

General Introduction

  • The emergence and development of the profession.
  • Introduction to the role and tasks of a real estate broker. Clarification of the liability relationship that a real estate broker has with their clients. Clarification of the term intermediary.
  • Introduction to the concept of good brokerage practices. What contributes to the formation of the concept of good brokerage practices. Emphasizing to students that the concept of good brokerage practices and ethics are central to the practice of the real estate brokerage profession. Ethics will be a recurring theme throughout the course, and through examples, lecturers will illustrate the ethical dilemmas a real estate broker may face in their daily work.
  • Framework conditions for the practice of the real estate brokerage profession, including relations with government authorities, including the Financial Supervisory Authority, the Competition Authority, consumer authorities, and tax authorities.
  • Execution of various types of assignments, from obtaining the assignment to completing the settlement. Legal rules regarding the lease of real property.


  • Who can perform which tasks in a real estate transaction?
  • How to obtain assignments
  • Proposal drafting
  • Use of computer tools
  • Conducting an inspection
  • Gathering necessary information
  • Assignment agreement
  • Marketing and promotional activities
  • Measurement of areas
  • Preparation of sales documents
  • Preparation of advertisements
  • Preparation of other sales documents
  • Conducting a viewing
  • Bidding
  • Conducting various types of real estate transactions
  • Document tax
  • Subdivision
  • Appraisal
  • Building science/history
  • Building permit
  • Rental of real property
  • In-depth discussion of forms of ownership
  • Money laundering


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