Excerpt from course description

Real Estate Brokerage II


Real Estate Brokerage II covers a few particular subject areas within the estate agency business. It is based on Real Estate Brokerage I with an in-depth study of the subject areas farm- and forest properties. Quality assurance of real estate services is also covered in this course.

Course content

  1. Agriculture and forestry:
    • Similarities/differences with/from housing transactions
    • Importance of concession/allodium for the sale
    • Designing a property description/prospectus
    • Marketing
    • Contract and accompanying documents
  2. Compulsory sale
  3. Quality assessment of the estate agent service and ICT regulation - requirements for estate agencies
  4. Cultural monument
  5. Tax law
    • Tax law regulations and the rules of the Directorate of Taxes on valuation and taxation of real estate.
    • The rules of the Income Tax Act on income taxation of real estate during ownership (direct tax assessment and indirect tax assessment)
    • The income tax rules on taxation of gains and tax allowances for losses incurred in connection with the sale of real estate.
    • Property tax
    • Property value taxation
    • Tax rates used for the various forms of taxation


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