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Regional Business Contexts


The global business environment is currently in a state of tension. Parallel with the increasing pressures for globalization, the is a strong push for de-globalization and protectionism. Globally, politicians are gaining ground with rhetoric focusing on protectionism and an increased skepticism towards global trade. This has increased resistance and skepticism towards trade agreements and open market policies, even in countries such as the UK and USA that have traditionally epitomized free markets and global trade.

This specialization course explores regional contexts and the influence of regional integration schemes, with a specific focus on the European Union (EU).

The sessions are taught by IE Business School faculty.

Course content

This course exposes the students to new business contexts to learn about regional integration, with a specific focus on EU. The content is taught by leading academics at IE, our partner institution in Madrid. This unique experience of physically visiting our partner institution allows us to tap into local competence on regional trends and connect with businesses operating in and from these regions.

Key topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Regional integration schemes
  • World Economic Outlook
  • Regional Economic Outlooks
  • Business, Government and Society
  • Culture and Business


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