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Reputation and Corporate Communication


Reputation is one of the most important assets of an organization and possibly the least understood, thus putting reputations at risk. This course provides anyone working at any level within any function in any kind of organization with a basic understanding of the principles of reputation and how it is used in building the corporate brand with multiple stakeholders. 

We have access to insight from the international firm ReputationInc, which is headquartered in London, UK. This gives students access to up-to-date and relevant reputation work of a wide range of organizational types.

Course content

Corporate Reputation

  • Understanding identity and image
  • Rise and scope of corporate reputation
  • Reputation risk and how to mitigate it
  • The systems approach to reputation
  • Measuring reputation

Corporate Branding

  • Rise of corporate brands and brand-reputation dilemma
  • Measuring corporate brands

Corporate Communication

  • Dimensions and contexts of corporate communication
  • Stakeholder dimension
  • Symbols, tools and media
  • Corporate communication methods


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