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Research Seminar in Economics


This course provides a venue in which to develop PhD students┬ĺ presentation skills and debate work in progress for PhD students in economics in the second year and above. The workshop emphasizes the development of dissertation proposals and is a place where students can present their research to an audience of dedicated and informed peers. Faculty members with research interests matching the topic of the presenters will also provide feedback both on presentation and substance.

Course content

This course for PhD students at the Department of Economics will run every semester. The department has monthly sessions of 90 minutes that the candidates are expected to participate in. During these sessions, the candidate is expected to present his/her work twice. The first presentation should be before the pre-doc and based on research in the early stages. This presentation could, for example, be based on a research idea that has not yet been spelled out in a paper.
A candidate should sign up for the course when he/she is close to completing his/her dissertation and will reach the goal of participating in eight compulsory sessions. During the course, the candidate is expected to participate actively in the sessions and present a second time, this time a polished paper (a practice job talk).
Junior visiting scholars may also give talks in this research seminar series.


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