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Sales Management and Personal Sales


Companies more than ever focused on the "top line" and how revenue is generated. Sales and sales management is the reality of the world and in market-oriented businesses, it is important what has been sold, what was not sold and what should be sold to whom. Our market economy is dependent on skilled sales people who do their utmost to sell in national and international competition. Excellent sales management and personal selling is the key to any company's success, with the incessant demands to see the competition in the eyes and change with the market. The answer to the market's changing challenges driven by behavioural, technological and managerial effort, which inevitably changes the way sales people understand, preparing for and realize themselves in their jobs. The behavioural forces are increased expectations from customers, globalization of markets, and de-massification of the domestic market. The technological forces include IT systems for sales support, virtual sales offices and online outlets. The management and control of the future sales means an understanding of direct marketing, outsourcing of sales functions and a sensible mix of personal sales and marketing.

Course content

The course consists of two parts which begins with Personal sales and continues with Sales Management.

  • Personal selling and sales planning (module 1 - 3)
  • Sales Management (Module 4 - 7)

Module 1 - the sale process (12 hours) Module 1 - the sale process (12 hours)

  • Introduction to personal selling and sales planning
  • Sale and purchase processes
  • Sales calls and sales call
  • Communication Understanding
  • Questionnaires and sales techniques
  • Objections
  • Closing deals

Module 2 - Reasoning (12 hours)

  • Presentation Technique
  • Economic arguments
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Sales to consumers in specialized trade
  • Telemarketing

Module 3 - Relationship building and quality assurance (12 hours)

  • Reporting, management and control
  • Understanding Needs and performance experience
  • Building relationships and partner sales
  • Quality assurance and control for key
  • Account Management and Key Account Management
  • Competence

Module 4 - Sales management and sales roles in the organization (12 hours)

  • What is Sales Management?
  • Sales Plan from planning to evaluation
  • The importance of the external and internal environment
  • Purchase and sales process
  • Organizational buying process
  • Sales Activities
  • Steps in the sales process
  • Alternative methods of selling
  • The sales role in a CRM context
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • The personal sales role in corporate strategies

Module 5 - Organisation of sales efforts (12 hours)

  • The purpose of a sales organization
  • Horizontal structures in sales staff
  • Account management and Key Account Management
  • The information role in sales management
  • Analysis of market opportunities
  • Forecasting techniques
  • Sales Quotas
  • Size of sales staff
  • Vendor Performance: Behaviour, role, perception and satisfaction
  • Understanding the seller's performance
  • Model Review
  • Seller's role

Module 6 (10 hours)

  • Seller's performance: sales force motivation
  • The psychological motivation process
  • The motivation characteristics
  • The organization's function in the seller motivation
  • Personal characteristics, skills and potential
  • Determinants of a successful sales team
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Job analysis and selection criteria
  • Selection Procedures

Module 7 - Sales Training: Objectives, techniques and evaluation (10 hours)

  • Goals for seller training
  • Development of a training program
  • Development of compensation and incentive programs
  • Decisions on what should be rewarded
  • Different types of compensation plans
  • Sales Contests
  • Assessment and control of the sales plan
  • Analysis of the cost of CRM implementation
  • Review of process in the sales plan


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