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Service and Innovation


In recent times we have witnessed a strong growth of online services. The reason is prevalence of Internet. In Norway, impressively 94% of the population is online, and small laptops, as tablets and smartphones. This provides the basis for entirely new services, but also for entirely new business models. We are experiencing rapid development where we must continually find new solutions to old problems, but also completely new solutions to new problems. The emergence of online services provides a basis for new solutions: innovation. In this course we are talking about improvement of established services such as renovation and development of new services such as innovation. The expanded concept of innovation contains elements related to the development of something new, as well as conditions by improving the services they already have. However, no innovation or renovation is successful without customers experiencing the new better than the old, and will take it into use. Here is the condition for the commercial success.

The first part of the course is about modern services and conditions for modern service industries and innovation. As analysis tool, we use the model for modern services and innovation. Here we strive to understand the heart of services in a physical and virtual context.

In the second part of the course we look at renovation and innovation in the moment of truth. We look at the various phases of innovation, such as developing ideas, innovation process, launch and renovation. We also look at various aspects of innovation, challenges these entail and how we can increase innovation success rate by focusing on value-based service innovation. The course also covers various trends that help to control the innovation work. Sustainability, digitization and customization are among the trends the course addresses.

Course content


  • The modern customer of service
  • Model for modern intermediation
  • Internal resources
  • Moment of Truth
  • External results
  • The brand's role
  • Modern services in a nutshell


  • Innovation Phases
  • Renovation
  • Innovation
  • Trend Spotting
  • Valuable innovations
  • Commercialization
  • Nudging


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