Excerpt from course description

Strategic Management for Business Control


The course aims to develop the students’ managerial skills and abilities, enabling them to formulate, evaluate and understand different strategies for companies in pursuit of sustainable success in contexts characterized by increasing change and digitalization. The course emphasizes the application of strategic management theory in strategy analysis, formulation and implementation. The course will do so with a focus on different business models and contexts. The course presumes that the students have taken an introductory course in strategic management, and that the students are familiar with fundamental strategic management theories and analytical frameworks.

Course content

PART 1. Assessing the firm’s resource and activity configuration
Managing strategic resources
Managing activity configurations within value chains, shops, networks
Business model opportunities

PART 2. Assessing influence of external environments
Managing change drivers
Managing industry structure
Stakeholder management
Firm positioning opportunities for sustainable advantage

PART 3. Formulating and evaluating strategies in different strategic settings
Managing strategic planning processes
Techniques for generating strategic alternatives
Managing processes of strategy emergence
Micro strategizing
Strategy development for business units
Strategy development for corporations
Strategy development in international operations
Techniques for evaluating strategic alternatives
Strategic choice and fit

PART 4. Strategic change and implementation
Managing strategic innovation
Leading and organizing for strategic change
Managing implementation processes


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