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Strategic Technology and Innovation Management


ICT (information and communications technology) has evolved extremely rapidly, and is now increasingly pervasive in all aspects of business or public administration. Many of the most difficult decisions (strategic or administrative) to be taken by managers involve information technology, both as medium and content; and many actions (both external and external to the organization) are carried out within a fully digital environment. Rapid communications networks, mobile computing and communications equipment, and vast storage capabilities means that many industries are facing changes in their business environment that deeply influences their strategic options and future profitability. Clearly, managers need to understand information technology - if nothing else, so that they can communicate effectively with the organizational units charged with its implementation.

Course content

Day 1: Strategic IT for competitive advantage
Day 2: IT in chains, shops and networks: Integration and competition
Day 3: Managing the IT organization: Structures, processes, measures
Day 4: The future of information technology - what to expect and how to keep up


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