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Strategy and Entrepreneurship Analytics


This course will teach the students applied and quantitative approaches to model and analyze businesses and business opportunities, as well as typical problems of a strategic and entrepreneurial nature that they face. Students will learn how to quantify and analyze businesses, business environments, and different strategic and entrepreneurial initiatives, and to assess financial implications. The course offers the students a set of quantitative tools, methods and skills that complement their knowledge of conceptual theories in entrepreneurship, innovation, and strategic management.

Course content

Being able to model and analyze strategic and entrepreneurial choices is central to the course. The course will consist of a combination of lectures and group assignments and will contain quantitative components. Students will learn about various methodologies used in practice, e.g. by management consultants, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, experts carrying out due diligence, and others, and to apply these methodologies in a range of contexts chosen to represent real world analytic challenges facing businesses across a spectrum of activities.


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