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Succeeding with Sustainable Growth


This course introduces green growth as a field of leadership and strategy. Most studies show that sustainable business attract employees, collaborate better with regulators, and discover new opportunities for innovation. We spell out these links, discuss hybrid business models and explore the personal motivation and ethics of sustainable leadership. Participants will gain insight into the main differences between green economics and mainstream economics, learn how to set hybrid visions and acquire the tools for analysing opportunities for green growth. We will also discuss controversies of “greenwashing”, the circular economy and radical resource productivity. 

Course content

  • Green Growth: Definitions, Current trends - future scenarios
  • Opportunities in the main sectors: buildings, transport, energy, industry, food, public sector
  • "Green Economics" and mainstream economics
  • How and why are "sustainability" and “profits” related
  • "Greenwashing: When is “green” a fraud?
  • Circular economy and radical resource productivity - is sufficient decoupling of value creation from resource use possible?
  • Leadership and motivation in leading companies
  • The communication of climate and sustainability issues 


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